Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pioneer Days- Bonanzaville

Today we headed to Bonanzaville in West Fargo for Pioneer Days. It was so much fun! The boys got to shoot a gun at a balloon(dressed like a deputy) that a sherif was holding. It was really loud!

This is the old one room school house:
Some Amish people were there selling baskets and jam and they brought along their 5 day old piglet because it had been the runt and couldn't feed from it's mom so they had to bottle feed it every 15 minutes. It was sooo tiny and cute- both Mary Beth and Jeffrey held it. It squealed so loud when you picked it up but then it would just fall asleep like it passed out.

We randomly entered the kids into the tractor pedal pull races and Jeffrey ended up doing REALLY well! He got 2nd place after a full pull! Mickey got 3rd place(out of 3 contestants) :)
He gave his medal to Mary Beth though because she was sad she didn't place(there were lots of kids in her age group- she did really good though!)

We had lots of fun today- we also watched a parade, had ice cream(my top scoop fell on the floor though!), toured the old buildings, and sampled some foods.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

!st grade open house

I think Mary Beth was more excited for her open house than the 1st day! She knew she would be getting her special balloon and was hoping for pink of course- she got it!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mickey {10th birthday celebration #2}

The evening of the water park day my mom made an unbelievable supper(one of several that trip!) of Italian roast beef and then we sang to Mickey over my favorite birthday cake(which he loves too): watermelon cake(which actually has nothing to do with watermelon!).
Then we opened presents... lots of contributions to his Harry Potter lego fund and some great art supplies and a polar animal book from his brother and sister. He loved everything- thank you again to everyone for the presents and making his birthday so special and memorable!

double rainbow!

this was at my parents house one evening during our visit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

silly-ness with "DJ"

this series of events went on for about 20 minutes... so cute!
Julia calls Jeffrey "DJ" by the way
and they think that's hilarious
Julia loves it that she has someone to be silly with... they are good buddies.