Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy!

Today our little Feffers turned 8! We spent the morning looking at pictures of him when he was a tiny baby. :) Mickey said we would should do that on each of their birthdays- I agreed. John made him green eggs and ham for breakfast, Jeffrey chose McDonald's for lunch(a HUGE treat for them since we haven't taken them there in almost a year!). My sister Amy came with us to eat before she headed home to Wisconsin.

This picture was from Friday evening when we celebrated his birthday with my parents. I accidentally put 9 candles on the cake!?! I told everyone I did it on purpose-
1 extra for good luck! :) Whoops!
After McDonald's Jeffrey opened his presents from us. He was so excited he could hardly wait.

Buzz jammies, a Toy Story 3 book, movie, and wall clock. And a Star Wars Lego set with the money he got from his great-grandparents and his aunt, uncle, and cousins(the Websters). Thank you guys!
He loved everything- especially "RC"- the toy car from Toy Story which his brother and sister gave him. They all ran upstairs immediately to play Toy Story with their guys.

He requested we just "stay home" the rest of the day and he ordered garlic butter angel hair pasta and green beans and garlic toast for his birthday supper. We had leftover watermelon cake from Friday night for his birthday cake and now I'm making cupcakes for him to bring to his class tomorrow. When I kissed him goodnight he said he had a great birthday. :) I'm glad.

Mickey built him a birthday Lego pyramid...

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