Thursday, December 8, 2011

Angry Birds Birthday Party- the decor

I bought these gumballs from the dollar store(perfect angry bird colors!) and put a few in clear bags and then tied them up with twine, added this tag, and wrote Angry Bird Eggs on it- they went into the treat bags along with a gold colored silly putty sparkle egg, angry bird stickers(from Wal-Mart), and some confetti poppers. I wanted sling shots but I couldn't find them anywhere! Jeffrey said: "too bad you didn't buy them this summer when the dollar store had a billion of them." Yeah, too bad...

I found these printables online here , cut them out, and used them for the treat bags, the balloons, and the buckets for the chips. Thank goodness someone was nice enough to make those available for everyone to use!

The plates and napkins are from Party City.
I got some paper mache eggs from Hobby Lobby and painted some gold and some white. We already had a nest from Pottery Barn kids awhile back but I'm sure those can be found at craft stores, and we had a few birds from when the kids won them at the fair this past summer. Mary Beth lent us her frying pan and pretend fried egg. :)
The kids built this display using their wooden blocks and I ordered a set of little angry birds from amazon to put on them. I bought the sand pails from Party City and taped some more faces to them for the chip buckets.
We chose assorted gatorade(case from Sam's Club) for the drinks because the colors tied in nicely and I thought it would be easy for the kids since it was a pool party and they would keep coming back for a drink. Also, Jeffrey LOVES gatorade and rarely gets to have it.

We served pigs in a blanket, fruit cabobs, gummy worms, and gummy fried eggs(found at Toys R Us- a total fluke after searching the whole town for them). I decorated the cabobs to look like angry birds. I guess I forgot to take a good picture of them but I got the idea from here so you can look at those to see what they looked like. I spent 2 nights making them- John thought I was insane. The kids really liked them though!
I was excited when Jeffrey decided on Angry Birds for the theme of his 9th birthday party because of all the fun, bright colors but I soon discovered that there is nothing out there(except plates and napkins) as far as ready made decorations.... So I had to do it myself! It ended up being very time consuming but it was a lot of fun too and we loved how everything turned out- it was totally worth all the work!

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