Monday, May 16, 2011

bad mitten

one day we were at an estate sale and Jeffrey had an eye on this antique badminton set. It was priced at $8 but the guy said everything was half off. Jeffrey only had a $1 in his hand. he kept staring at it until the guy said he could have it for $1. :)
it's great except for it only came with one racket. Mick won a racket at school so we have 2. then we use 2 tennis rackets also.

the kids love playing although they need a lot of practice- apparently it's really hard to hit the birdie! i heart badminton. (did you know it was spelled/pronounced that way?!?)

sorry for the blurry shots- they were really movin'!

Oh, and yesterday Mary Beth learned to ride her bike without training wheels! :)

2 down, 1 left to go! (Jeffrey)

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