Monday, August 15, 2011

Water Park Party! {Grand Lodge- Wausau}

While my whole family was together in Wausau, WI a couple weeks ago my parents treated us all to a day at this FANTASTIC water park in a hotel nearby. Everyone had THE BEST TIME!! It was so fun to be all together again and the kids had a great time with their cousin Julia. And of course we were celebrating Mickey's big 10 birthday that day also. He kept telling me it was the best day EVER. :) Thank you again Mom and Dad- we will remember that day always!

I'm sure all of you pictured here are going to frantically call me telling me to take off the pictures of you with no make-up... sorry! If I'm willing to show myself you have to be too! ;)

Side note: Towards the end of the day John and I took a tumble going down the big water slide together and I smacked my head HARD on the slide. I thought I had a concussion- it really scared me because I always think: I can't get hurt- I'm the mom! Luckily I ended up ok- a bump and a headache and a bit of feeling weird later that night. And then the next morning I woke up with a bruise on my shoulder that is still hurts to this day. Definitely could have been a lot worse- and better me than one of the kids, right?

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