Friday, October 7, 2011

homeade pizza sauce & eggplant pizza & the Worst Witch

Tonight I decided to use up some more of the billion beautiful tomatoes I have(thanks to my very generous neighbor/friend!) and try my hand at homemade pizza sauce.
It included a lot of chopping so some wine was in order. :)
I just kinda made it up as I went and simmered it down so it was less watery. It turned out DELICIOUS! I started with olive oil and fresh minced garlic, then added chopped tomatoes(a lot), fresh oregano and basil(lots of basil), 1 tsp of red paper flakes, and some kosher salt. If you try this use more tomatoes and basil then you think you should because it boils way down. I thought I made a lot but there was only enough to make one pizza. Luckily I was making one pepperoni pizza and one eggplant & tomato pizza so I only needed that much.
I used the dough recipe from The Pioneer Woman also(found on the link above) but I always substitute whole wheat flour for about 1/3 of the flour amount called for. I also added chopped kalamata olives and red pepper flakes to this pizza- and we really liked it like that. Looking for a way to use up some eggplant? I highly recommend making this- it is YUMMY!
And the perfect ending to our weekly Friday pizza and movie night?
We LOVE that movie!!

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