Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy 7th Birtday Mary Beth!

Today you turned 7.  I know I say it every year but this is really getting ridiculous!  7 !?!?!?
You are now older than Mickey was when we moved here!

It was fun that your birthday fell on a day off school this year- we got to spend the whole day with you doing fun stuff and there was no rushing to fit things in.

You picked out these cute Easter cupcakes for your "cake."

We surprised you with a pink jeep for your dolls to ride around in- you LOVED it!

The boys gave you Elephant and Piggie and the Pigeon- you love the Mo Willems books and characters so these were perfect... especially because your friend birthday this year is a Mo Willems theme.  These will make great decorations! 

We got you this adorable Garden game, 

new accessories for your fairy garden,

a pink wooden swing for your babies(for outside!),

and a ladybug raincoat to match your boots.  You and Jeffrey had to dress up in your rain gear to be twins. You two are so sweet!
Oh, my little baby Mary Beth... there are no words to tell you how much we all love you.  You bring so much energy, laughter, and happiness to our family.  Your heart is so big- I don't know how it fits inside that teeny tiny body!  You care so much about your family and your friends and you feel everything very deeply.  I love that about you.  I cry every time I look back at the pictures of you in the NICU after you were born... we were so scared we were going to lose you...  Thankfully, you were very strong and fought so hard to get better.  And you've barely been sick since!  You are your Daddy's "Tiny" and "Princess-wincess" and my little "Beffers" who never likes to be more than 4 inches away from her Mommy at all times.  I love how much you love me and want to be near me, and do all the things that I do.  You are my special little sweetie and I look forward to all the precious moments we will have together in all the years to come.
Have a wonderful 7th year Mary Beth- I know you will make it a fun one!

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