Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Pet Shop Scouts in Rattlin' Can

Still playing catch up!  Today Mickey worked really hard on putting together a major musical production of Rattlin' Can performed by "The Petshop Scouts" (an acting troupe).  It was amazing- and he put so many details into it!

Here is the ticket booth.

The tickets...

and Boo getting in for free with her special reservation.  (Puppies are free Mickey explained.)

This is the bunny at the Will Call window where Boo had to pick up her ticket.

Here is a sign we noticed by the bathroom door.


There were a lot of animals in the audience let me tell you.  They stayed pretty quiet though.

Bunny played the part of "Gas".
If you haven't heard this song yet go here.

Boo stayed pretty quiet too.

Jeffrey was in his bandana phase at this point.
It was a VERY impressive performance.  Mick is so creative!

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  1. What a creative idea- his stage is beautiful and so detailed!