Monday, February 18, 2013

buildin' a teepee {in the house!}

I decided we needed a teepee in our new homeschool room(aka: the dining room).  The kids were all for it!  So last night we picked up 6 pieces of wood from Lowe's at $0.75 each (1x2x8s) and a ball of twine since I was out.  We bumped into our friends at Granite City afterwards and the kids invited the girls to come over in the morning for a pajama party/teepee building party.

Thank goodness we had 6 pairs of hands!  It went a lot smoother that way.  (Not necessary though incase you want to try this at home.)
Before we did this part though John drilled a hole about a foot down through each piece of wood and we looped the twine through them all and tied it tight once we situated them the way we wanted them.
We got this advice from here.  Love that blog!

Then we just kept winding the twine around tightly and tied it up.

I found a couple of sheets I had been saving from some lucky thrift store finds and a vintage chenille bedspread I found in an old cabinet on the side of the road during clean up week a few years ago.(don't worry I steam cleaned all of them in my washer) :)
I used some "fort clips" (Ikea clothespins) to secure them around the frame and ta-da!  A teepee!
It's pretty big and takes up a ton of the room but I wanted it to be able to fit all of the kids at once... mission accomplished!  Total for this project:  about $10.   Can't beat that!

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