Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Shrine Circus {2013}

It was that time of year again...

Our sweet friend managed to get us 5 free tickets to the Shrine Circus- and thank goodness because otherwise it would have been out of our budget this year.  Another bonus was that the kids still had their light-up toys from last year so they brought those along with some special candy they had been saving for this day and ta-da!  A completely free visit to the circus! 

This was a "baby" Siberian Tiger.

Rainbow ponies!
Honestly, I don't really like this circus that much... and I feel bad for the animals.  But the kids and John love it so I go along and try and be a good sport about it! :)
We had a wonderful time and thank you again Colleen for the tickets!!  You saved the day!

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