Thursday, May 9, 2013

Planet Comparisons & a Picnic


Today Mickey was studying the planets in Science and one of the suggested activities was to do a planet comparison with objects around the house.  Happily, it was a warm day outside so we all decided to head to the backyard and the 3 kids worked on the activity together(this happens often).  We had to make a couple of substitutions(we couldn't find an acorn) but we made it work and it was very interesting and educational.  The kids had the order of the planets memorized in no time and we noticed how small the planets closest to the Sun were... then they get large in the middle... and get smaller again further out.  I never realized that before!  One of the things I love about homeschooling(among MANY) is all the things I am learning along with the kids!  So cool...

We decided eating lunch outside from a real picnic basket was in order and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful!  After the winter we had we are soaking up every drop of sun we can get!

I read to them from The Five Little Peppers after lunch(outside of course!) and then they played the rest of the afternoon.  I love these days with my kiddos!
Oh, and I had to include this.  We believe this is a Red-Breasted Grouse Beak.  I love it's coloring and they've been hanging out a lot lately.  I finally got a picture(even if it is fuzzy)!

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