Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sodbuster Days {Fort Ransom, ND}

Today we traveled south to Fort Ransom, ND to attend Sodbuster Days.
Before we left I had John drive by the schools because I love looking at them.  Above is the original one room school house and below is the current two room school house.  How great is that??

I absolutely love this area- I always tell John I want to have a little hobby farm in Fort Ransom.  It's just so beautiful!  The first time we went I kept saying "where ARE we???"  It's so green and hilly!

One of our favorite parts of Sodbuster Days is the homemade apple strudel they make right there in a dutch oven and then share with everyone.  Yummmmmmmmmmy.

Jeffrey always hangs out watching the blacksmith of course!
This year Mary Beth helped to card some wool that was being spun.
If you've never been and live around here I suggest you go- the next one that is coming up is Sept. 7-8.

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