Sunday, November 3, 2013

Today is Orphan Sunday{11.3.13}

"Do you want to do something beautiful?  There is a person that needs you.  This is your chance."
-Mother Teresa

We had a wonderful afternoon at the local Orphan Sunday event here in Fargo.  I just wish everyone I know and more could have been there... it was so special and wonderful.  We met several amazing adoptive families and talked to more that are waiting just like us.  It would be so great if many more from the community could come to hear the stories and learn about ways that everyone can do small or big things to support orphan care in the world.  Anyway, we are happy that we could be there and are so grateful for all the beautiful families that are becoming a part of our life through our adoption journey this year. Here are some links to the news broadcasts from the event:

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