Friday, October 15, 2010

carving day at kindergarten

Mary Beth's class got to carve pumpkins and both John and I were able to help that day.
She chose one of our CSA pumpkins to bring. I think it was supposed to be a cooking/baking pumpkin but she thought it was cool to use a yellow pumpkin.
She had to weigh it before and after it was gutted and measure the circumference with a piece a yarn. The recorded all that information on a sheet of paper. It was so cute.

She loved digging out the "guts."
All the kids had a drawing ready for the helpers with what they wanted their jack o lantern face to look like. Thankfully, Mary Beth's wasn't too complicated.
Turned out so spooky, didn't it?? :) I love it that we were there to share this memory with her. I want to savor every second of her Kindergarten year because it's already going by too fast!
And yes, I got my hair cut short! My friend Kris did it for me- there was soo much hair on the ground... so many years of growing it out- gone! I love it though- much more healthy and light.

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