Friday, October 15, 2010

carving day at kindergarten

Mary Beth's class got to carve pumpkins and both John and I were able to help that day.
She chose one of our CSA pumpkins to bring. I think it was supposed to be a cooking/baking pumpkin but she thought it was cool to use a yellow pumpkin.
She had to weigh it before and after it was gutted and measure the circumference with a piece a yarn. The recorded all that information on a sheet of paper. It was so cute.

She loved digging out the "guts."
All the kids had a drawing ready for the helpers with what they wanted their jack o lantern face to look like. Thankfully, Mary Beth's wasn't too complicated.
Turned out so spooky, didn't it?? :) I love it that we were there to share this memory with her. I want to savor every second of her Kindergarten year because it's already going by too fast!
And yes, I got my hair cut short! My friend Kris did it for me- there was soo much hair on the ground... so many years of growing it out- gone! I love it though- much more healthy and light.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

where have all the apples gone?

I have always wanted us to go apple picking so when I found out about the pesticide free apple orchard nearby I was so excited to take the kids. Plus it was going to be free!

So off we went- but sadly, there were LITERALLY no apples!! Well, there was about 4 or 5 but they were VERY difficult to reach. I had to climb a tree...
So the kids found other things to do. Such as meditating apparently.
And balancing.
Here's one of our apples that I nearly killed myself procuring.
The kids were loving the tree climbing!
They would have gone 500 feet up if I hadn't screamed for them to stop because they were going to fall and break their necks.

Here are the fruits of our labor.
We didn't even bring them home because they were spotty and lumpy.
I thought this was funny. Mary Beth kept lugging around this big stick.

They loved this tree. It was all hallowed out and black/charcoal-y on the inside. John said it looked like it was struck by lightning. We had a nice afternoon playing in the orchard despite the lack of apples. Maybe next year?

Friday, October 1, 2010


cutest pumpkin in the patch

today was not only my 34th birthday, but it was also Mary Beth's Kindergarten pumpkin patch field trip! John and I were both lucky enough to be able to go.
one of the girls on that sat by Mary Beth on the bus asked me "does Mary Beth have a special outfit for everything?" haha! I said that yes, she kind of does...

it was a beautiful day outside- the weather has been unreal (warm) lately- we are loving it!

isn't this sweet??
i thought this was so funny/cute: the baby chicken is sitting on the mama's back!

they all got a hayride through the "not so spooky forest", a pumpkin, time in the petting zoo, and tons of great memories with their friends