Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eliott's graduation party- part 1

On June 2nd we headed to Minneapolis for Eliott's high school graduation. We all turned it into a long weekend and were able to do a lot of activities together.
On June 3rd we spent the afternoon at the Brooks' house celebrating Eliott's graduation. I took a zillion pictures and finally got around to uploading them all(it took an entire day). There were so many good ones it was hard to narrow them down so get ready because there are A LOT. I broke them into 2 posts- the next one will come tomorrow. Hope everyone enjoys them!

Oh and PS: I've been filling in a lot of missed days here and there(June and a little late May) so be sure to scroll back in the blog or use the titles on the side to view the ones you missed. I've been trying to keep them in order. I've been having a ton of trouble with my computers- we need a new one but I keep putting it off because it's a huge purchase(we want a Mac)- so that is why my blogging has been so sporadic and delayed this summer. I'm trying to catch up now and do better so keep coming back please! :)


  1. so cute! I can't believe you got a picture of Mom. She tries so hard to avoid getting her picture taken.

  2. I know- I have to do it on the sneak! :)