Monday, June 6, 2011

Children's Museum- St. Paul

Yup, these are from the Minneapolis trip in the beginning of June- just now getting them posted. But the good news is that today John brought me home a BIG present: a new laptop! I have been without a normal working computer for a long time now and it has been SO frustrating! I was a bit sick about how much money we spent but it was time and we got a mac so it should last forever. Hopefully the blogging can resume on a regular basis now that I can actually transfer pictures over from my camera!
In other news our 3 year old, very expensive front load washing machine broke and we are quickly running out of clothes. I've never wanted to do laundry so much in my life. Tomorrow it is off to the laundry mat- the kids are intrigued by the idea. :)
Also, we had our annual rummage sale last weekend and I made $750. Not as great as last year's $1700 but it will do...(I suppose that went towards the new computer). I just didn't have the volume or stuff I had last year. I might start skipping a year. On the up side, the kids had a VERY successful lemonade and brownie stand: they made $75!! That's BONKERS!

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