Tuesday, March 6, 2012

bowling {part 1}

While in Wausau visiting my family we went bowling to celebrate Mary Beth's and Julia's birthdays. It was so much fun!
The kids played 3 games and the adults played 2. I stunk it up the 1st game but my score the 2nd game was 136!! That's CA-RAZY for me- especially considering I never bowl. I didn't win though... my dad beat me. But mostly because Amy "accidentally" took one of my turns.
Who does that look like??
Tony couldn't bowl with us because he wasn't supposed to lift heavy things but he was having a great time watching us, taking pictures, and eating cheese curds! He told me that he felt great that day- the best in a long time. We got to visit a lot- mostly about cameras and photography- a passion/hobby with both share, and I cherished every moment of the day with him.
Sadly, that evening(unbeknownst to him) Tony would suffer from a perforated ulcer and gallbladder and John and my Dad took him to the ER the following morning when he called in severe pain. He had to have emergency surgery and was put on a breathing tube. I was able to spend some time at the hospital with him the next couple of days before we had to go home. It is a very sad turn of events, especially because as many of you know he is fighting stage 4 colon cancer... he is going to need lots of prayers...
The kids had so much fun together- more pictures to come!

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