Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday to Our Turkey Baby!

Our sweet Jeffrey entered into double digits today.
He's pretty excited about his big day today- it's the first time one of our kids has had their birthday party on their actual birthday.  It made for a busy day but a really fun one!

He was born on Thanksgiving and loves that about his birthday... it's his big claim to fame. :)

He spent the morning building his birthday present from us:  the brand new, just released Hobbit Hole.

For lunch he requested his FAV:  garlic butter noodles!
I think he ate half of that bowl(which is half a pound of angel hair pasta).
And then,,, well, it was time to get ready for his big party!

Happy Birthday our big boy!
(but don't forget, you're still my baby boy)

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