Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Tree

This was our second year getting our tree from Sam's Club.  It doesn't fulfill my romantic notions of walking through a Christmas Tree Farm and chopping down the perfect tree but it works in a pinch.  We went there for other things tonight and on the way out noticed they had about 20 trees there.  They were all frasier firs, big, and $23!  And boy were they fresh.  So, in the FREEZING cold, the kids and I picked out the best one(as much as one can considering they were all tied up) and then I had to hoist it on top of the van since John is recovering from a minor surgery and is forbidden to lift anything over 10lbs.  Last year's tree was from Sam's too and it was probably the best one we'd ever had- so it may become an annual tradition!

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