Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Minnesota Zoo

Our generous friends gave us free tickets to the Minnesota Zoo this summer and we were thrilled since it is SO expensive for us to go- even with our Fargo Zoo membership!  So we don't go very often.

Shortly after we arrived Jeffrey's sunglasses slipped off his shirt and into the petting pool with all of sting rays and sharks!  We all sat there forever staring at them until a worker came to the rescue with a net.  It was an interesting start to our day there!

We never get tired of studying the penguins.

Look how close the bear was!

They make me take a picture of this every time we go.


The river otter was very friendly that day also- they are one of our favorite zoo animals.  We are ecstatic that the Fargo Zoo recently acquired some!
Fun Fun Fun day- thank you again to our friends for the tickets!

(Sept. 29th 2012)

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