Friday, December 27, 2013

what adoption means to us

Mary Beth picked out these gifts for her sister and is saving them for the day when we are allowed to send them to her in the orphanage.  The big elephant she will save to give her in person.  She sleeps with them all every night... it's so sweet.

I wanted to share here what adoption means to us:

Adoption wonderful way to add another little one to our happy family- another little one to love with all of our hearts.  It doesn't mean agony in the waiting, or despair about the cost, or anger over the seemingly endless paperwork.  Those things are only very small inconveniences- easily forgotten when it's over(just like labor pains!) and they are definitely a very insignificant part of the journey.  Adoption is about giving a child a family that didn't have one before, adding more love and joy to our home and our hearts, growing our family, and making a whole lifetime of new memories.  The other stuff is nothing- truly!   It is just stuff- it should never stop anyone from considering adoption if their hearts are leading them down that path.  Paperwork is no big deal when it's over- it seems endless in the beginning but after it's done- you look back and think heck, that wasn't THAT bad!  The waiting is very similar to waiting while you are pregnant- 9 months is a long wait too... so what's a few more?  And the cost... well- yes, it's quite a bit.  But someone said to me once that IVF costs almost that much and people pay that all the time without any guarantee that it will even result in a pregnancy.  So true!  And how can any price be put on a human life?  We would pay anything to bring one of our children home if that's what it took- or to save their life... so how is this any different?  There are always ways to make money- and there is plenty of time to do it too.  If you are considering adoption and the money part makes you feel like it isn't possible for you- spend some time reading adoption blogs... families adopt over and over again- on one income and very little disposable income!  There is always a way!!  Grants, fundraisers, donations, extra jobs, the adoption tax credit, ect.  Please feel free to contact me if you need ideas or have questions.  I am always happy to talk about adoption!

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