Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today was a VERY special day for our family and our adoption process.  It was the day I've been we've been anxiously waiting on for 50 days.  We got our LOA!!!

I'm sure this FedEx driver didn't even realize how special this envelope was or that we had spent all morning and afternoon staring out the window and listening for the bell.  I was going to tell him but he had already ran back to the truck by the time I opened the door- so I snapped this pic instead.  

We have our LOA in our hands!  I still can't believe it.  LOA stands for Letter of Acceptance- it is the official approval from China stating we may adopt our daughter.  It also means that we are allowed to share her picture, name, and birth place, and birthdate.  We can now send her a care package, apply for her immigration(which, by the way, we already did all the paperwork for today and overnighted it to USCIS!)  Every day counts- we want to get to her as fast as humanely possible!

So here she is everyone...  Our beautiful baby girl- the newest little Porter- the little peanut that makes us a wonderful family of 6.  Just look at those cheeks!  I can't wait to smother them with a million kisses.  And cuddle her, and rock her, and hold her in my arms forever. :)

Her Chinese name is Zhang Rong Can.  I asked our kind adoption coordinator(who happens to be Chinese!) if she could tell me what her name means based on the Chinese characters.  Zhang is a common surname, Rong means: small-fruited fig tree or banyan tree, and Can means:  magnificent, splendid and bright.  How great is that???  Once we found that out we decided we wanted to keep her Chinese name for her as a middle name.  So, now her name is quite long, but very beautiful!
Ruby Mei Antionette RongCan Porter
Born on January 1, 2013
Fuzhou City, Fujian, China

Her first name will be Ruby Mei(pronounced May but spelled the Chinese way) because this is the name we have had in our hearts this entire journey- and Mary Beth picked it out herself for her sweet baby sister.  RongCan is her Chinese name as I mentioned, and Antionette after my Italian great-grandmother, who was a very,very special part of my life.

We've been told she smiles a lot, is quiet, loves cereal, applesauce and cake, and can roll over and sit.  Looks like she just finished some yummy cereal in the picture! :)
We can't wait to get to know her and learn about her special personality.

We will continue to share any new pictures and info we receive, and of course share our journey to China and back on here!  Our agency has told us we should expect to travel in late April to early May.  YAY!!!!  So close!  Thank you again and again for all of your support, prayers, and encouragement the past 11 months- our family could not be more appreciative.


  1. Yeah!!!!! �� she's adorable!!! So happy for you!!!!

  2. Oh what a glorious blessing!!!
    Congrats on the LoA and your lil one is so precious!!!
    May God watch over her until she's united with you all forever!!!