Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A surprise update and from Red Thread!

This morning I found a message from Ann of Red Thread with 8 new pictures of Ruby Mei and her updated weight, height, ect.  To say we are thrilled is an understatement!!  It looks like she is sad or pensive in this pictures though- we can't wait to make her smile and laugh and give her a million hugs and kisses everyday. :)  And her hair is still getting longer- yay!  Maybe they are letting her grow it out in anticipation of her adoption day??  Fingers crossed!  We always notice her right little hand is always out and moving- we wonder if it's a sign she uses to try and tell her nannies something?  Or is she signaling us to hurry up and come get her? ;)
She is so sweet and beautiful we can hardly stand it!  Those chubby little cheeks! This last month of waiting is pure agony- very similar to the last month of pregnancy.  So close but never soon enough...
Here is her growth update:
weight: 18.74 lbs
height:  almost 28 inches
teeth:  2
feet:  almost 4 inches
She either lost weight(we were told she was 20.5 lbs at 12 months old) -which is possible due to just having her palate surgery recently- or else there are variables to the way they are weighing her.  This current weight puts her in 6-9 month clothes!  Uh-oh!  We have oodles of cute 18 month clothes from Mary Beth and I have bought a few extra 12 month clothes just in case.  But now I will have to get a few 9 month outfits too.  She's getting pretty close to 12 month clothes at that weight so I will bring 9 month and 12 month to China.  That foot size puts her in a size 1(almost 2) shoe- so tiny!!  Everyone says to wait until we are in China to buy her shoes because it's too hard to guess correctly.  We should get one more update on all these measurements in a couple of weeks too.

Red Thread is a service that a very nice lady named Ann provides to families who are adopting.  She lives in Guangzhou and will shop for items for you to send to your child.  She also translated a letter to the orphanage for us and put together a photo album(with pictures we emailed her) for Ruby to look at until we get there.  Normally when she sends the care package she will also call the orphanage and ask for some new pictures and new measurements so she can send those to the family right away.  It took awhile for us to get them because she was in the hospital following her surgery.  :(  We are so thankful for any new picture we get- it is usually a difficult thing to get your hands on pictures.  We will treasure these always and I know Ruby Mei will be so thankful to have them later on too.  We also sent a flash drive stick and requested that the nannies take lots of pictures of Ruby and give us the stick when we arrive.  Hopefully it will be full!

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