Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ruby's Smile {more pictures and an update}

Yesterday we received a wonderful surprise:  several pictures of Ruby we haven't seen before!  They are from the sweet family who got to meet her last month.  There were some more on their other camera and after transferring them onto their computer they sent them to us.  The best part of course is that there was one of our beautiful girl smiling!!  What a special send off for us!  

I like to think she is blowing us kisses here. :)

Our smiley pretty girl!  We are on our way Ruby Mei!!!
We are literally at the airport right now!  New post on that as soon as possible.
We also got a growth update this morning.  Sadly it looks like our little peanut lost more weight since last month. :(  I don't know why- but we can't wait to give her lots of yummy foods!
height: 72cm(28.34 inches), weight: 8kg (17.63 lbs), head circumference: 42cm, chest circumference: 46cm,
 foot length: 10cm

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