Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Harry Potter Party

Ok, so I read in the paper that there was to be a Harry Potter Party on Sunday from 10-1 and I thought oh my gosh! Mickey will LOVE that! I didn't give it a second thought except for that we thought it was strange it was so early on a Sunday(you know, church and all).

So the kids were really excited(only Mickey has read the books but he talks about it so much that we all feel like we've read them-ring a bell Mom??) and the boys even got all dressed up as Harry and Ron. Off we went!

Apparently... it was a small part of a larger convention in the hotel that was going on all weekend- ComicCon- and so there was a lot of adults there. This was fine except for I was expecting a bunch of little kids. No big deal- the kids had a great time...

winning door prizes(both boys got drawn!)-Mickey won a chocolate frog- drinking butter beers, and making magic wands.
Here is Jeffrey with his door prize.

It was fun!
Afterwards we spent the whole day at "the Zarney" (Barnes and Noble).

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