Thursday, April 14, 2011

a rainbow pool party

Mary Beth wanted a rainbow themed birthday party- at a hotel pool. She also picked "watermelon cake" for her birthday cake so the only way I could think to make it fit in with the theme was to arrange skittles into a rainbow on it. It started to get a bit runny in the humid pool room but she still loved it!
I made sloppy joes to serve for supper and decided to arrange fruit according to the rainbow-sadly Sam's didn't have any blueberries:( - but I think it still turned out pretty(and healthy!)
Look at this little peanut!
We transformed last years 5 crown into a 6 one.
Apparently Mary Beth really wanted a Barbie for her birthday so she told her best friend Emma to get her one. HA! Well, I guess it worked.
Jeffrey was obsessed with this yellow ribbon!?
Yummy watermelon cake- it's the one I always picked for my birthdays growing up too. :)

It was a really fun party- I hope she will always remember it!

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