Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Party

Today was COLD. But it was also the "Garden Party" at Rheault Farm and darn it we were still going to go! John was leary but we had been looking forward to it and I wasn't going to let this ridiculous winter weather stand in the way of some spring fun. We were happy to find out that they moved all the activities to the bunk house and the barn so no one had to freeze.
The Red River Zoo was there with some animals everyone could pet. Mickey LOVED that and pet all of them. There was also a Bug Man there with a bunch of different scary bugs.

There was a Flower Walk- like a cake walk- and Jeffrey and Mary Beth each won a flower. Mickey seemed to have some anxiety about trying it- we weren't sure what the problem was- but Jeffrey REALLY wanted him to have a flower too so he asked the lady if he could play again to win a flower for his brother. It took a few rounds but he did it! He's so sweet...

There were craft projects and snacks and we ended up having a wonderful time- all warm and toasty inside. Someday it will really be spring and they can plant their flowers outside.

Tonight it's supposed to snow by the way...

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