Tuesday, July 26, 2011

alien abduction

Mickey got this for his birthday and is in love with it. It's his first set from the new Alien Conquest collection. It has a red light up brick and "abducts a farmer" (I'm supposed to tell everyone). He is saving every dime he gets however for the Harry Potter lego set he has been wanting forever: Hogwarts Castle. He got some Target gift cards for his friend birthday party a couple weeks ago and has been doing chores and forgoing yard sale purchases to save for it. So I guess if anyone is wondering what to get him for his birthday: a target gift card to go toward this BIG purchase would be PERFECT! -hint hint :) - I know family members are always looking for ideas...
It's safe to say that legos are in Mickey's top 3 favorite things in life. He NEVERS tires of them and builds/plays CONSTANTLY. I love them too- just not when I step on them. :)

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