Thursday, July 14, 2011

laser tag party

Last night was Mickey's 10th birthday party(with his school friends)- it was a combo party with his good friend Ceely. We rented laser tag and had it set up in Ceely's backyard. The kids had A BLAST(litterally). It was so good to see Mickey having so much fun with his classmates- it helped ease my worries about him- and them- a bit.
Guess who wouldn't give up her gun the whole night? Yep, the little toughy. We kept telling her she had to let the big kids have a turn but she was not tolerating that. She even skipped watching presents being opened so she could go outside and have extra time with the gun. That girl! How can she be so princess-ish and yet so rough and tough?
It was a fun time and a successful party. Everyone had TONS of fun and I even met some nice moms I didn't know- great night.

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