Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday, while at a friends' parents' pool, Mary Beth got stung ON THE EYELID by a wasp! I'm not sure that it got a chance to inject too much venom(or whatever it is they inject) before she managed to swipe it off because it seems like it should have been way worse. She cried for awhile and it started swelling a bit but but by the time we left the pool it looked pretty good! Then it slowly got swollen again and then when she woke up this morning it was practically swollen shut! And both her eyes looked pretty rough(dark under her eyes and tired). It got better throughout the day so no worries. It was her first sting so I guess we know now that she's not allergic, right? I told her today that Nonno said she should take some benadryl but she said "can we just let it get better slowly on it's own? I kinda like it droopy." ???
But seriously, is there any worse place to get stung?!?! Poor little Beffers...

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