Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Party

Today was COLD. But it was also the "Garden Party" at Rheault Farm and darn it we were still going to go! John was leary but we had been looking forward to it and I wasn't going to let this ridiculous winter weather stand in the way of some spring fun. We were happy to find out that they moved all the activities to the bunk house and the barn so no one had to freeze.
The Red River Zoo was there with some animals everyone could pet. Mickey LOVED that and pet all of them. There was also a Bug Man there with a bunch of different scary bugs.

There was a Flower Walk- like a cake walk- and Jeffrey and Mary Beth each won a flower. Mickey seemed to have some anxiety about trying it- we weren't sure what the problem was- but Jeffrey REALLY wanted him to have a flower too so he asked the lady if he could play again to win a flower for his brother. It took a few rounds but he did it! He's so sweet...

There were craft projects and snacks and we ended up having a wonderful time- all warm and toasty inside. Someday it will really be spring and they can plant their flowers outside.

Tonight it's supposed to snow by the way...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

egg dying & other pics

We decorated our eggs on Easter Day this year...
we do that sometimes.

I remember loving the wax crayon when I was little.

Here's Mickey playing with his new cool toys: Jawbones. They are perfect for him.

Jeffrey took some shots of me and John- this was the best one-

I like it because John looks really happy. :)

I look soooo tired... I was up all night coughing and blowing my nose. :(

Mary Beth was giving me bunny ears... get it?(Easter Bunny) :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from us to you!

More pictures of the beautiful day to come...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Harry Potter Party

Ok, so I read in the paper that there was to be a Harry Potter Party on Sunday from 10-1 and I thought oh my gosh! Mickey will LOVE that! I didn't give it a second thought except for that we thought it was strange it was so early on a Sunday(you know, church and all).

So the kids were really excited(only Mickey has read the books but he talks about it so much that we all feel like we've read them-ring a bell Mom??) and the boys even got all dressed up as Harry and Ron. Off we went!

Apparently... it was a small part of a larger convention in the hotel that was going on all weekend- ComicCon- and so there was a lot of adults there. This was fine except for I was expecting a bunch of little kids. No big deal- the kids had a great time...

winning door prizes(both boys got drawn!)-Mickey won a chocolate frog- drinking butter beers, and making magic wands.
Here is Jeffrey with his door prize.

It was fun!
Afterwards we spent the whole day at "the Zarney" (Barnes and Noble).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Butterfly Ball

Last night was THE BIG NIGHT...

since there was only a little bit of time before between the end of the work day and the Grand March John and Mary Beth had to eat at home instead of going out. She didn't seem to mind her tuna sandwich one bit! I used some of the fresh flowers that John had brought me that morning to make a corsage and boutonniere(putting my skills as a flower designer to use again)- I even found the real boxes at Hobby Lobby! And lucky for me all the bridal stuff was half off so I got all my supplies for a great price! You know how happy that makes me. :) As you can see, Mary Beth chose the purple butterfly dress and she sure looked lovely!
She was in love with wearing a corsage. So cute.
I surprised her with a tiny tiara and spent an hour doing "princess hair" for her special night with Daddy. She was such a trooper standing there while I curled a million locks of 8 foot long hair and then shoved a billion bobby pins into her head. I told her it was all part of being fancy. She didn't mind too much and LOVED the end result.
All the Dads and girls got to participate in the Grand March while Moms and brothers watched, took a bunch of pictures, and clapped loudly.
John was so excited and happy to be sharing this special memory with his baby girl- they were so adorable. He even wore a lavender shirt and tie to match her dress!
The moms had to leave before the music began so I don't have any pictures on my fancy camera of the actual dancing but John took some movies and pictures with the phone so hopefully I can figure all that out and share some later. He said Mary Beth only stopped dancing long enough to either remove or put on her "tall-ups" or to grab a bite of her cheesecake. During which time she insisted her stay where he was on the dance floor until she returned so they wouldn't lose their prime spot in the middle. :) They were both BEAT tired when I picked them up- and had the time of their lives! This will definitely be an annual event for them.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a rainbow pool party

Mary Beth wanted a rainbow themed birthday party- at a hotel pool. She also picked "watermelon cake" for her birthday cake so the only way I could think to make it fit in with the theme was to arrange skittles into a rainbow on it. It started to get a bit runny in the humid pool room but she still loved it!
I made sloppy joes to serve for supper and decided to arrange fruit according to the rainbow-sadly Sam's didn't have any blueberries:( - but I think it still turned out pretty(and healthy!)
Look at this little peanut!
We transformed last years 5 crown into a 6 one.
Apparently Mary Beth really wanted a Barbie for her birthday so she told her best friend Emma to get her one. HA! Well, I guess it worked.
Jeffrey was obsessed with this yellow ribbon!?
Yummy watermelon cake- it's the one I always picked for my birthdays growing up too. :)

It was a really fun party- I hope she will always remember it!