Wednesday, January 9, 2013

no good very bad day

So I decided it was finally time to take down some Christmas decorations today and after I slid this window down and repositioned it on top of the bookcase and walked away I heard a loud CRASH.
It was ABSOLUTE worst case senario... the window broke, glass went everywhere, the window hit a jar of reed diffusers in oil on the way down and oil spilled and flew EVERYWHERE!  It was all over the hardwood floors, all over our books, all over our photo albums, all over our scrapbooks, all over the bookcase(and it started bubbling up the paint!), all over the rug.  It literally couldn't have been any worse unless someone had been hurt.
But guess what?  I didn't scream, cry, or freak out!  I know, you can't believe it... but it's true.  I just calmly cleaned it up(after staring at it in a state of shock for 10 minutes).

Oh yeah, and the oil got all over the check we just got from the insurance company for the van.  Ugh!
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