Friday, January 18, 2013

recovering a vintage footstool

I found this vintage footstool at The Studio a while back(cheap).  I forgot to take the before picture but it was uncovered on the top(just the old batting was showing) and around the sides was retro orange vinyl.  It would have been so cool if the whole thing was still covered in orange vinyl but alas, it wasn't.

So I bought some really cute fabric from Modern Textiles and finally sat down today to recover it.

I've never done that before but I figured it couldn't be too hard, right?
I mean, I had a staple gun and everything.
I started with a couple of layers of batting I had laying around and then started stapling the fabric on.
I did all four sides first, pulling tight.

Then came the corners... ugh.  I couldn't figure out which way I wanted to do it- or how to make it look good.  I decided on the one below.  I didn't want a gift wrap corner so I tucked it under so the triangle was hiding... does that make sense?  Like the picture above but in reverse.
This decision was made after staring at it for about an hour.
John and the kids were ice skating with their friends at the school
so I had all the time I wanted to do it right.
It turned out great!  I know this picture is really dark- I used my phone.  I will take a better picture and add it soon.  I think it's adorable- I love it!!!

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