Friday, June 14, 2013

Mary Beth's Garden Party {part 1}

The long awaited Garden Party had finally arrived.  Mary Beth's birthday was April 6th but she wanted an outdoor garden party, complete with sunshine, warm weather, blooming flowers, and birds singing.  Last year this was all happening in time for her birthday.  This year it took 2 more months to make this happen.  She was so patient and it really paid off.  The weather couldn't have been ANY better.  No wind, 78 degrees, no clouds... it was PERFECT!!

I used all decorations that we already had on hand- mostly from our Cinco de Mayo party last year- and used her ballet flowers on the table.

We served MB's favorite snack foods:  black olives, pickles, carrots, watermelon, and pink lemonade.

That painting on the table was done by my good friend Wendy- she actually won a contest for it!
MB thought it would be perfect for her party so Wendy kindly let us borrow it for a decoration.

I found this table on the BLVD across the street and thank goodness because I needed a party favor table!  I don't know why I don't have a closer picture but they are watering cans(bought on clearance from Target's dollar section last year) with tissue paper, a flower seed packet, and a snail or butterly finger puppet inside.  The puppets were another lucky find at IKEA months ago(only 10 cents each!!)

here's some shots of the yard

I felt the need to spray paint these chairs this morning!!

Even our penguin was in the party spirit!

The boys read a garden themed book to the kids(just like they did last year!).  We chose:  Diary of a Worm.  If you haven't read this book and the other 2(Diary of a Spider and Diary of a Fly) please get them from your library and read them to your kids out loud.  They are hilarious!

THEN... as a surprise, our wonderful neighbor Dave stopped by and did a magic show for the kids!!
I knew he did a couple tricks here and there so we mentioned to him that MB was having a party and if he felt like popping in and doing something we would love it.  Well, little did we know he had many marvelous tricks and he was so good with the kids!  They all loved the show and were so sad when it was over!  I really think he may have to come back again for some other parties!

We did some Freeze Dance!
 and Limbo!

and then MB opened her presents.
Emma gave MB a frame of pictures of them together... one from every year they've been best friends.
It was so sweet!!!  Look at those babies!

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