Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the pool & a police picnic

so we have family passes to the pool this summer because it came with our Courts Plus membership and we are excited to use them!
did you know you can get icees there for only 25 cents??  how great is that!

we are looking forward to tons of water fun this summer(if it stays hot that is!)

then this evening we headed to Island Park for the annual Police Picnic- free chips, ice cream, entertainment, and fun!

these drummers were from Africa- they were so talented!!
everyone was mezmorized.

MB and I got henna tattoos- she LOVED that :)

the Marines had a chin up bar station and if you could do 20 you won a tshirt.
not surprisingly Mary Beth wanted to give it a go(even though it was only grown men that we saw participating thus far!) and wouldn't you know it that little peanut did it!!  no one could believe it- except her family- of course we know how strong she is!

sadly they were out of tshirts so after all that works she just got a lanyard!  oh well.
we were all proud of her!

Jeffrey and John gave it a go then... they did great but didn't hit the 20 mark.

The end of the night showcased some wonderful Native American dancing but they hurried up and we kinda ran to the car because a big thunderstorm was heading in.
Can't wait to go again next year- we always have so much fun at this event!

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