Sunday, August 25, 2013

Island Park Show and a Squirt Gun Fight {today was HOT}

We knew today was going to be hotter than blazes(as my grandpa used to say)... but the Island Park Show could not be missed so we tried to go as early as we could.  Mary Beth brought a spray/fan bottle that didn't sell at our sale and we made it without melting.

There was some really great music and we sit and listened to the Irish band until the heat overcame everyone and that was that.  I got to walk around the whole show so that was good- didn't buy anything like usual!  I pretty much never do at these things but I still like to go!

The afternoon was in the upper 90s so we skipped out on Streets Alive(sadly too... we've yet to go to one!) and John had a brilliant idea.  He filled up a bunch of buckets, told the kids to get their suits on and initiated a water fight.  They had the time of their lives out there!
Oh yeah, and I thought I'd better show everyone Boo's buzz cut.  Those ears!!  I don't even recognize her now and she's running around like a nut case.
I guess it probably feels good to finally be able to see! Ha!

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