Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a photo-shoot, a baby pool, and a power outage {another scorcher!}

It was in the 90s again today and the school in our neighborhood had to call off class possibly for the remainder of the week(they don't have air conditioning).  Today we watched Norah and Emma and decided to head outside after lunch to have another water fight.  Well, we weren't even set up yet when a photographer from The Forum stopped by and asked if he could take some pictures of the kids.  We got all the necessary permission and he snapped away!
This yard sure is popular with the media lately! Ha!!

Later the kids begged me to try and find the pool- we were sure regretting not setting up our big one this year!  I didn't think we still had it but ta-da!  One baby pool coming right up!

can you believe they all smushed in there??

there was also some chalk self-portraits done- notice Jeffrey's sloth shirt :)
Then... if that wasn't excitement enough for one day, the power went out tonight!  We managed to scrounge up some candles(I thought I sold them all!) and played a game of Pick 2 by mood light.  I won by the way but guess what?  Apparently we weren't keeping score... how convenient! :)

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