Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dino hobo sack

Mary Beth had a birthday party to go to today. Since the little boy's mom said he liked dinosaurs a lot I thought it was a perfect chance to try out making a Hobo Sack I've been eyeing over at MADE. I used some dino material I had on hand and pieces of a t-shirt to make the pull strings.
The dinos on the fabric appeared to be both upside down and right side up so I didn't worry about paying attention to which way I was cutting it. Unfortunately it ended up that only the upside down dinos showed up on the bag- oh well! It was super fun and easy to make! I plan on making more for my kids and extra for gifts.
Of course I filled it with some cute dinosaurs to complete the theme! The birthday boy seemed to like his present- I think all kids love little sacks to put their "stuff" in...

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