Monday, June 28, 2010

we're BACK!

Obviously we've been gone for awhile(12 days!!!)- we went on vacation to visit my parents in Wausau, WI, my grandparents in Kenosha, WI, and we also spent 4 days in Chicago! It was sooo much fun and I will be sharing lots of pictures in the next few days so get ready!
The first leg of the trip was Kenosha- we spent one of the days at my uncle Mike's parents house lounging and picnic-ing at the pool. Lucky for my aunt, uncle, and cousins- this house is right next door to theirs!

The kids thought they died and went to heaven. A WHOLE day of swimming all they wanted! I even spent 3 hours in there- it was warm water(just the way I like it!)

My sister Sarah and her daughter Julia were there too- they drove from Ohio to meet us. My parents came alone from Wausau- it was so fun having us all together! The only person missing was my sister Amy.

What a fun day... I know the kids will always remember it.
Well, it's 1am and I am not the slightest bit tired since I slept during the car ride home today. Darn it! It's good to be home and getting back into the rest of our relaxing summer. Traveling is fun but it's always nice to go home again.

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