Tuesday, June 1, 2010

painted ladies

I'm about 20 posts behind... so I better get going! Things have been so busy around here lately- sorry for the days that go by without anything.

A few weeks ago I sent into insectlore and ordered 5 caterpillar larvae. They ate and ate and grew and grew and then they made their chrysalises. Here is what emerged awhile later:

Painted Ladies!
The kids had a great time letting them go in the backyard.

The butterflies seemed a bit sluggish so the kids were able to hold them.

I love this picture of Feffers.

Once the butterflies finally flew away they kept coming back to our yard over and over again.

Of course this led the kids to believe that the butterflies loved them and
wanted to live at our house forever. And they may have been right!
To this day we still see painted ladies flying around our yard!

What a happy morning!

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