Monday, June 14, 2010

nonna & nonno

Here are some pictures I have been meaning to post from when my parents were visiting last month...

It looks like my Dad is smiling in this picture!! We are always yelling "SMILE" at him and then he always says "A-L-R-I-G-H-T..." not in agreement, but as if to say enough already, just get on with it. Same scenario every time every time we take his picture- it's tradition!The kids LOVE it when Nonna and Nonno come visit but Mickey especially gets VERY sad on the day they leave. He always wants company to stay forever he says.

I'm not positive- but it looks like Mickey and Jeffrey are holding hands in this picture. They are so cute- they always call each other "best friends" and "bug buddies"(this is from a song they used to love from Miss Spider's Sunny Patch- a show they watched when they were little). I hope hope HOPE they will always be close.

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