Sunday, September 5, 2010

a new adventure

today was a busy day full of family fun! first we decided to try something new: geocaching. we went to Buffalo River State Park and they let us check out a GPS for the afternoon.

and off we went on our hike through some trees and a lot of prairie land.
we saw some pretty flowers, wild rhubarb, milkweed, and lots of butterflies.
the one downside was the unbelievable amount of mosquitoes- there are NO WORDS to describe how many there were! they were swarming all over John- it was like a scary movie.

Jeffrey loved the GPS.
we would have found the treasure way before we did except John entered in Eastern Hemisphere instead of Western and so we took off toward China...
after we figured out what happened we turned around and headed back toward the only tree for miles... and low and behold that's where the box was hidden!
the kids were so excited- it was like a real treasure hunt!

they each got a "critter card" to keep and we dropped in a little treasure in exchange for the one we took out(a little toy). :)
we could have done another one but the extra 50 miles we walked and the malaria that was setting in made us think twice. better save it for another day...

then off we went to begin the 2nd part of our day of family fun: camping out in the backyard! pictures tomorrow.

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