Wednesday, September 22, 2010

trip to the farm

Monday evening, after picking up our CSA box, we headed out to Lee and Noreen Thomas' Farm so the kids could explore a real working organic farm.
we fed apples to the 2 dairy cows

one of them kept sticking his tongue out at us :)

looking for the free-range chickens and ducks...
collecting eggs
Mary Beth was a bit shy of the hen house since they were going BONKERS in there(the hens and ducks)- so Jeffrey collected an egg for her. The boys thought this was the COOLEST!

These guys did not.
the barn(sigh)... I've always wanted to live on a farm...

The kids were allowed to pick out their own pumpkin as a perfect ending to a perfect trip to the farm. This was on our summer to do list and I'm so thankful that we were finally able to do it. The owner was so kind to offer to let us come out! She does the deliveries for the Amish family that we get our CSA boxes from and she's so nice! The kids will always remember the fun they had exploring a "real farm." And of course it was my dream come true also.

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