Saturday, January 1, 2011

random pictures from the week

a zhu zhu get-together
found this on the island...
bad, bad goings on in the master bathroom:
water leaking in
running down the wall under the top sheet of the sheet rock
NOTHING we can do but watch in horror...
John is ready to be committed to the psych ward...
and even worse some nights we hear a constant drip drip drip but can't find where it's coming from(somewhere in a wall I'm sure= mold!)
me too much of a baby to go outside for better shots of the kids building their fort after blizzard #1 so here are not-so-good pictures from the kitchen window...
Mickey's newest cool creation:
I love that he has a cup of coffee in there. today he added a coffee maker. :)
the felt/wool flowers I've been making:
SO easy! I got the idea from here
how was that for a bunch of random stuff?? hope everyone has a wonderful NEW YEAR'S DAY!

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