Sunday, January 2, 2011

i made a "Nonna Wreath"

I absolutely LOVE this. Once again, I got the idea and tutorial from Jones Design. Two reasons I had to make this: 1. we have a Nonna of our own in the family- my mom! {Nonna means grandma in Italian} and 2. i needed a winter type wreath for my front door and this looked super easy and fun to make- and it was!
I used my Joann's coupon and got a wreath form for $4. Then the felt by the yard was 1/2 off so I got that for $2. $6 for a new wreath- pretty good, huh?
You just cut strips of the felt into 2-3" pieces. Wrap the wreath form(I think Emily used a 10" rounded hard foam but I used a 14" green squared off foam- I wanted it bigger- I don't think it matters what kind you use) first and glue in place with got glue. Then start bunching/twisting/turning the felt pieces all the while adhering it with hot glue as you go. (this will use a bunch of glue!)
I went around the outside and then 2 more rows working in. Then I realized I needed to do one on the outside also. I had a yard of felt and it covered the whole wreath with some left over to make some flower pins for my friends for a New Years treat! :)
Here it is on my yellow door- isn't it cute and cozy looking?

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