Tuesday, January 11, 2011

kindergarten holiday craft day

There are a couple holiday activities that I haven't blogged about yet so here is one of them:
Mary Beth's craft day- the parents each had a station and a craft project they were in charge of. The kids rotated around the room and completed a bunch of super cute crafts.

This was right of Mary Beth's alley. She LOVES craft projects!

Here's her Hanukkah candle.
She had this outfit all picked out for weeks- just for this day.

Here's her Grinch- she had me take a picture of it(it was hanging up out in the hallway).
Then the class had their little Christmas snack. All the parents had pretty much left by this time but I insisted on staying because I needed to take pictures and I never want to miss a second of anything special the kids do. (especially when I'm still allowed in their rooms- and they still want me there!)
It was a very fun morning in Kindergarten!

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