Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mary Beth lost her first baby tooth!!

She's so happy and I'm pretty sad- another big change for our youngest little peanut... her first itty bitty baby tooth got pulled out by me tonight. I'm the tooth puller in the family for some reason and so I tried several times since a. it was pretty loose b. her big tooth was coming in behind it and c. she was SO excited to loose her first tooth so she can get the pink tooth necklace and special song at kindergarten. :) Oh yeah, and she's really happy about the toothfairy coming tonight too. She didn't shed one tear and kept letting me try even though she said it hurt. I didn't even have to talk her into it. BIG difference from pulling the boys' first teeth. They were basket cases. That's Mary Beth- she's a tough-y! She called her Nonna and Nonno right away to tell them and kept smiling and smiling. I hope she has a great day tomorrow with her class celebrating the big event. Isn't kindergarten cute?

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