Wednesday, February 8, 2012

concert time!

Last night was Mickey's orchestra concert- but things didn't go as planned. An hour or so before it was time to leave, Jeffrey came down saying he didn't feel good and laid on the couch. Then after having some sprite... he barfed. Sooooo- I had to stay home with him while John and Mary Beth went to the concert. I don't think I could have carried his bass so it had to be John. Ha! So I sent my camera with them and wished them all luck.
Mickey was pretty upset but he did great! They recorded it all for Jeffrey and I to watch when they got home. And since we always go out for ice cream after concerts- they brought that home for us too!
Poor John- he said it was really hard to see Mick even though he got front row seats. The basses are always way in the back. Look at how cute he looks with that giant instrument! As they were packing it up to leave for the concert I said "gee, Mick- could you have picked a bigger instrument?" Thankfully, that was the only time we've had to take the one at our house anywhere- he has another one at school he uses there. But this concert was at the middle school so he had to bring his home bass.
We are so proud of you Mickey- I'm sorry I had to miss it. I can't wait until the next one!

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