Friday, February 10, 2012

Forks Over Knives- watch it!

John and I watched this last night and afterwards, much to my astonishment, John said he was going to stop eating meat and dairy and give it a try!! I couldn't believe it! 2 years ago I read an amazing book called The China Study and because it read like a textbook and was saying things like don't eat meat and dairy, John had no desire to read it. I stopped cooking meat for a week straight after I finished it and he was barely speaking to me. Ha! I cut way down on the meat served in our house after that grumpy week but as the months went by, it slowly began sneaking back into our diet more. We also became more lax about eating out, a few processed foods, too many sweets, ect. Don't get me wrong- we still ate tons of veggies and fruit and we have been drinking almond milk for 2 years but John and I still felt run down all the time and we were slowly gaining weight- we just didn't feel great! Fast forward to yesterday when I stumbled upon this movie...
Well, this documentary is based on that book and I was so excited to be able to present it once again to John- this time in a manner that didn't require hours of reading a book he had already decided he didn't like. So now we have been on a whole food-plant based diet and so far so good! I have lost 3 pounds this week and I'm feeling better already! A commercial came on for hamburgers the other night and I said to John: you want one of those right now, don't you? And he said no, he actually isn't even craving meat at all! I was shocked! (especially because I have been craving it- at least a little bit!)
It is on Netflix-watch instantly for those of you that have that. You can also find it online on different sites. And probably the video store?? Please watch it- it will really make you think.

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